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In the city centre

Houten Hoofd. Maximum length: 110 metres
Rouaanse Landing. Maximum length: 135 metres
Landing 1. Maximum length: 110 metres

No facilities

Check with harbour master 

400 V power boxes (only at Houten Hoofd and Rouaanse Landing)

Available at all landings

400 metres from moorings at Visserseiland

Information about the harbour:
The Oostereiland can accommodate motor charter and river cruise vessels (Steiger No 1 and the Rouaanse Steiger). Motor charter vessels (up to 50 metres) may also moor at the Houten Hoofd landing.

Contact  Harbour office
Phone number +31 229 214012 
+31 6 54202828
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Photo credit: Kevin Bakker

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Record number of calls in Haarlem

2-5-2018 16:21:40

With 29 calls in 2017, Haarlem had clearly already been bouncing back in terms of river cruise traffic. This year promises to be even more impressive, with an extraordinary 80 or more calls expected


Growth sea cruise continues in ACP region in 2017

2-5-2018 14:44:36

The number of passengers who visited Amsterdam and the surrounding region by means of a sea cruise in 2017 was 371,449, a rise of 10% compared to 2016. The number of calls also increased, from 154 to 157, with 100 of these being transits and 57 turnaround calls.

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