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In the city centre

Bodecentrumkade: 135 metres
Prins Hendrikkade 110 metres 
Zaanse Schans: 110 metres 

Available at Burchtkade only 

Not available at either mooring

Bodecentrum: power boxes and power lock > beginning of 2016
Prins Hendrikkade: power boxes available 

Free of charge

Close to landing stages

Information about the harbour:
Reservations for the cruise industry can be made until 1 May 2015. Waste disposal containers are not available at this time. The waste disposal system is currently in development.

Please note that the mooring at the Bodecentrum is not wheelchair accessible until April 2016.

Prins Hendrikkade
Wastewater can be collected via a ‘water card’, available at the Wilhelmina lock and at the harbour office.

Please consult the website of the Province of North Holland for information about maintenance on the Wilhelmina lock. 

Centre of Dutch heritage

Zaanstad is synonym of Dutch industrial heritage. The most popular area is the Zaanse Schans which offers working mills, Zaanse Style houses and structures and pedestrian routes; a veritable Walhalla for visitors seeking Dutch cultural history. Especially worthwhile is the Panorama of mills along the Kalverringdijk, the various small museums and the Zaans museum. This includes a working production line taken from the old Verkade Factory. At the end of the 17th century, Tsar Peter the Great decided to personally learn about the society, trade and industry of Western-Europe. In 1697 the Tsar stayed in Zaandam to learn ship carpentry. The wooden house in which he stayed is still intact. This is also where a museum is located with an exposition on Tsar Peter the Great. In 1871, Claude Oscar Monet spent four months in Zaandam with his wife and child and made in that period up to 25 paintings. There is a walking-tour through Zaandam which takes you along the famous Blue House and the location where Monet created ‘ the Voorzaan and the Westerhem‘. On 2 June 2015 this painting was purchased by the Zaans Museum and can be admired there in the fall of 2015!

Contact  Harbour office Zaanstad
Phone number +31 756 81 68 88
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