Henri Willig Cheese – producer of the famous Dutch Gouda cheese

Henri Willig Cheese is a Dutch cheese factory. At our farms and in our shops we inform tourists about the production of the famous Dutch cheese. We offer many different flavours of own-produces Gouda cheese. Bring your guests along for a typical Dutch attraction.

The Highlights of Henri Willig Cheese:
- 3 Cheese farms just outside Amsterdam including a restaurant and wooden shoe factory. Here we welcome many tourists and explain them how cheese is made. Free entrance, free demonstration and free tasting.

- Tasting room De Proefzolder – Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig in the centre of Amsterdam. A tasting session takes 45 minutes incl. different kinds of cheese, dips and drinks. Groups of max. 40 persons. Pre-booked only. Please ask for our special FTI-rates.

- 3 shops in the centre of Amsterdam in farm-style.

- 10 Cheese & More shops in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Delft with a modern look and feel.

- Cheese & Wine delicacy shop and original cheese weighing house with small museum in the charming old town of Edam a bit north of Amsterdam.

For more information please contact us:

Henri Willig Cheese
PR Department: Mr. Alex Dil and Ms. Elsmarij Wierda
Hoogedijk 8
1145 PM Katwoude
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 299 655 151
www.cheesefarms.com & www.proefzolder.nl/en


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