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5 minutes on foot to "Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet". 2km to city centre 

Bataviahaven. Maximum length: 200 metres

Collected by boat by appointment

Collected by boat by appointment

230 V and 380 V power boxes available
power locks in preparation

Available by boat by appointment

In direct vicinity

Information about the harbour:

The youngest harbour in the Netherlands is situated right at the heart of the former Zuiderzee. The Bataviahaven features the most modern marina building in the country. The building complex features excellent sanitary facilities for marina guests. Visitor numbers are increasing every year. Large events are frequently organised in the harbour. They include the Nationale Oldtimerdag (an event for classic cars), the Bataviahavendagen (Batavia harbour days) and, since 2014, the Dutch Match Cup, which is one of the stages of the Alpari World Match Racing Tour.

A growing number of associations also use Bataviahaven as a location for events. They arrive with many boats and stay for one or more days. Groups ranging from the Bavaria sailors or the Etap sailors to the Nederlandse Vereniging van Kustzeilers (Dutch association of coastal sailors) have all moored here at some point.

The Bataviahaven is especially popular thanks to its wide spaces (all the boats belonging to a group can stay together), its tranquillity, the high standard of its mooring facilities and the modern facilities on shore, as well as the possibilities offered by the immediate surroundings, such as Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet and two popular museums.


Harbour office Batavia Haven

Phone number

+31 320 84 10 77




Lelystad. City of Opportunities

Lelystad is one of the newest cities in the Netherlands. In 1891 engineer Cornelis Lely (1854 - 1929) developed a plan for the closure of the then called Zuiderzee. In 1932 the Zuiderzee indeed was closed by means of the Afsluitdijk (closing dyke) and the IJsselmeer was created. Lelystad became the capital city of these Ijsselmeer polders.

Even though Lelystad is very new and developments are ongoing, Lelystad already has a few unique highlights. In Bataviahaven Lelystad there is a lot to see and do within the immediate vicinity of the marina for all the passengers. Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is right around the corner, over 100 stores with standard 30-70% discount. In the Newland Heritage Centre your guests can see and experience how the largest polder of Europe is made out of the sea. And of course the ship Batavia is located in sight of the marina.

Besides water, also fantastic nature is abundant in and around the entire city. Take the famous Oostvaardersplassen, for instance. An area of 6000 hectares (14.826 acres). This is a unique, natural marshland featuring extensive lakes and wild grassland.

Take in mind, this is just a small overview of everything Lelystad has to offer. For further detailed information about the please check the brochure via this link.


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17-10-2018 15:05:50

"In Lelystad and the surrounding area we have much more touristy charm than the cruise world currently realizes. We are also becoming easier to reach and there are beautiful sights and nice hospitality establishments. But we have been too modest for too long, while recreation and tourism will become increasingly important for our economy. We now have a promising strategic plan in place to attract more visitors to our vibrant and exciting city. "

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