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In the city centre

Behind the former Town hall at IJsselmeer. Maximum length: 135 metres
Oosterhaven and Westerhaven. Maximum length: 50 metres
Steam Engine Museum. Maximum length: 110 metres

Bunkerstation at Middenhaven

Two containers at Oosterhaven and Westerhaven

Five power boxes at Oosterhaven and Westerhaven (220 V and 380 V)

Oosterhaven and Westerhaven 50 m

Close to landing stages

Information about the harbour:        

Contact Stadhavens Medemblik  
Phone number +31 227 54 16 86
+31 6 53 41 67 95


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Amsterdam Light Festival is best seen from the water

27-9-2019 13:01:31

Amsterdam Light Festival puts our capital city in the spotlights this winter! The city sparkles against the enchanting background of the Amsterdam canals with the work of many light artists. National and international artists have created unique works of art, most of which were made specifically for the 8th edition of the open-air exhibition.


How River Cruises Are Going Green

24-9-2019 12:58:30

Oftentimes, ocean cruise lines get all the attention for their environmental efforts, but river brands are by no means sitting out of the eco-friendly movement. Sure, eliminating single-use plastics, notably straws, is a priority for seemingly every company, but it goes well beyond that.

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